Warley Park’s FREE GPS golfing app

Warley Park’s FREE GPS golfing app


Playing a round of golf on a new course is tricky for any golfer, regardless of level and experience. Thankfully advances in smartphone technology are changing this by providing golfers with a pocket-sized tool to improve their game and expand their knowledge of a course lay-out, all at the touch of a screen.

Here at Warley Park Golf Club, we’re always keen to utilise technology to improve our members’ and visitors’ golfing experience and ensure they’re able to play to the best of their ability. This is why we have recently partnered with US firm Gallus Golf to develop a customised app which has a range of features designed to help golfers better navigate the course, improve their techniques and record their scores in a hassle-free way.

Unlike many other golfing apps currently available, we’re offering our customers the opportunity to download this facility completely free of charge. We’re so impressed with this technology that we want to make it accessible to every golfer who uses the course, not just a select few.

So what does the new app offer?

Golfers visiting Warley Park will now have access to an accurate, customised GPS yardage system which provides full tee-to-trouble GPS mapping (not just to the center of the green) in a simply designed interface. At any point during a game, a player can look at the design of the course and find out exactly how many yards they have left to play to the next hole. In addition to course maps, the mobile app can also provide satellite fly-bys of the shape of each hole which offers immeasurable benefits to those who’ve not played a course before. You might not realise, for instance, that our no. 1 hole you have to drive over the ditch but avoid the bunker on the right hand side dog leg left straight to the green; or hole 11 is a short par 4 but be careful of the hidden bunker past the trees in the middle of the fairway and such advanced warning should help improve play, particularly for first-time visitors.

In addition, the app works as a stats tracker and keeps scores automatically as golfers play the course. The app records average scores, scoring trend line, estimated handicap, and how often a player scores a birdie/par/bogey. What’s more, the app is designed to act as a leaderboard for golfing societies or larger groups of players comprising 20+ golfers so long as one in every four players has downloaded the app. Scores will be calculated on a live leaderboard – a facility usually only available in major championships – and allows golfers to compare their scores against one another. We’re already considering the possibility of broadcasting these scores back in the clubhouse in the future. Other features include golfing tips and demonstrations to enhance play and the ability to book tee times and browse through the clubhouse menu prior to or during the game.

Warley Park is one of only a handful of UK-based golf clubs to offer this free app to its members (currently the app is available at hundreds of US-based clubs.) We’re really excited about the opportunities this mobile technology offers to enhance our members’ experience and improve their play. The fact that it’s free means the benefits can be enjoyed by everyone and we’re already looking at how we can develop the app in the future.

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