Five reasons to get married at a golf club

Five reasons to get married at a golf club

There are so many ways to tie the knot and pretty much any venue nowadays will offer wedding services as part of its package. With so much choice available, it can be hard to decide which option is best.

Golf clubs have always been popular wedding reception venues. But now that many hold licences to perform the wedding ceremony itself, even more couples are making their local golf club their first choice.

Golf clubs tick all the important boxes when it comes to planning a dream wedding.

Here are just five reasons why:

They offer a great backdrop for photos

Golf courses, like here at Warley Park, boast dramatic, varied landscapes which make great photos. Vast green open spaces will enhance the romance of your photographs and give your guests great scenery to look out at. Why not view our wedding pier by clicking here.

Golf clubs have multiple photographic opportunities from lakes and woodland to natural hills and ponds. There’s also the potential for fun shots of the bride and groom shooting a few holes.

They have experience of catering for large groups

Golf clubs cater for large groups of people all year round whether this is for golfing societies, christenings, weddings or anniversaries.

The catering facilities within a golf club are second to none and staff will be experienced at serving high-quality cuisine to large numbers of guests.

A golfing venue will take away the headache and worry of hiring external caterers because the facilities are already in place. A golfing establishment will have a bar, the tables, the plates, the linen and the chairs. They might also have a list of recommended wedding suppliers for everything else including the flowers. To download our wedding brochure, click here.

They have experience of creating the perfect wedding menu

One of the biggest challenges for couples planning to tie the knot is deciding on a wedding menu. Golf clubs hold dozens of weddings every year and they know what keeps guests happy.

Golf clubs will have a range of sample wedding menus for you to choose. Their experienced chefs will have already done the hard work of knowing what goes best with what.

They are affordable to everyone

Golf club weddings can be a much more affordable option than a hotel. Most offer different packages to suit all budgets and will provide incentives to attract customers. Special offers might be advertised for whirlwind weddings, for example, or for those who have large guest numbers.

Plenty of space

A golf club wedding can be as intimate or as large as you wish. With purpose-built function rooms on-site, many golf clubs can accommodate up to 200 guests. This is unlikely to be the case at a small, boutique hotel.

There is no issue about parking or music restrictions because of the ample parking space and the lack of proximity to residential homes.

Weddings are very personal events. If you think a golfing venue is an ideal place to stage your nuptials then read some newlywed reviews. They are just the people to consult for advice because they’ve done it before.

If you would like to download our wedding brochure, then please click here.