How regularly should I play golf if I want to improve my game?

Want to improve your game, how often should you practice?

Whether your interest in golf is serious or merely casual, nobody wants to embarrass themselves on the green. But how often do you need to play to keep up with your colleagues?

The average amateur golfer plays once a week, which will probably help to maintain your current play. However, if you really want to excel you need to up your game – literally.

Is one round of golf enough?

Many golfers are confused at the inconsistency of their game. The reality is one round of golf a week is unlikely to lead to a massive improvement. Deliberate practice is crucial to getting better and ultimately reducing your handicap. This means as many hours spent on the course as possible.

Golfers need to be realistic about the time they can devote to improve. If you can only squeeze in one round of golf every two weeks, don’t expect to be playing like a professional. However, if you’re serious about improving and can spare more hours, then devise a practice regime.

Driving range

A good training regime should incorporate the driving range as well as the golf course. If you only have an hour spare after the working day, head to the driving range. The brain is just as important as physical position in golf and these practice hours will be stored in your memory bank.

However, it’s important to get the balance right between the driving range and the course. A driving range won’t test you in the same way as a course. It’s vital to increase your experience of both.

Most novice golfers will show noticeable improvement when they receive some professional tuition or tips. This leaves them feeling euphoric and eager to get out on the course.

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After this initial phase, most golfers hit a plateau and find the rate of their improvement stalls. They might even get worse. This can be a confidence buster and many will give up at this point in frustration.

The key advice during this stage is to ride through it and respond with more practice. You’ll soon see your game start to improve again before hitting another plateau. The journey is very much stop and start but after a few months you’ll realise just how far you’ve come from your beginning point.

If you’re putting in the hours but aren’t satisfied with the results consider buying some golf lessons. Only 15% of golfers seek professional tuition yet this is one of the best ways of improving your game.

Every golfer enjoys a game much more when their play matches their expectations. If you want to regularly feel happy with your performance then a golf tutor might be the answer. But make sure you practice in between your sessions as a tutor can’t transform your play in one hour alone.

If you want to learn more about golf and how to improve your technique, why not consider professional tuition from one of our Pros here at Warley. Click here to find out more about our golfing lessons.

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