What are the advantages of hosting a corporate golf day?

How to host the perfect corporate golf day…

Golf is still regarded as one of the best ways to network and secure new business. Hosting a corporate golfing day is a great marketing tactic but planning and preparation is needed to ensure you achieve the best out of the exercise.

The tips below will help you to organise a golfing day that is as enjoyable as it is beneficial for future business.


Businessmen and women are much more relaxed and unguarded when they are out of a boardroom or office setting. Sharing time with existing and potential new customers in a relaxing, fun environment will improve relationships and enhance conversion success.

It also means you’ll secure their undivided attention for several hours rather than a two-minute phone call. However, it’s worth remembering that your guests have attended your event for fun – so don’t overdo the sales talk.


While a corporate golf day is happening away from the office, your professionalism and reputation is still on the line and you will be judged by the success of the event. Make sure the golfing day is planned meticulously including your refreshment and lunch provision. If somebody in your team is allergic to nuts or is a vegetarian, make sure alternatives are available.


Get the guest list right. Hosting any corporate event will cost your business money so make sure you give yourself the best chance of a return. Deciding the guest list is one of the most important aspects of any corporate event.

Don’t just focus your guest list on the people you want business from, look at which of your customers spend the most money because they are as valuable to your future as any new clients.

Ensure invitations are sent out early so that you can attract the people you want to be there. Last minute cancellations may happen but try where possible to refill them with beneficial replacements and not your Uncle Jack!


Any corporate event is an opportunity to expand your brand and corporate identity. Even if your golfing day is low key and involves just a handful of guests, don’t miss out on the opportunity to reinforce your business values.

Think company logo and branding at all stages from invitations and sportswear to pens and score sheets. The more paperwork with your name and number on it, the more likely you will get a call. For large-scale golfing days, consider pop-up banners in the clubhouse at lunch or even on the course itself.


Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, identify a quality venue. It doesn’t matter how much preparation you devote internally to your corporate golfing day, the event will fall short of expectations if your venue lets you down.

Make sure the golf club you choose to host your event is professional and has experience at running such events. You will not only be judged on the quality of the fairways, you’ll also be appraised for the standard of food on offer. Make sure you try out your chosen venue yourself before bringing your potential clients along.

I hope you found these suggestions useful. Warley Park has a wealth of experience of organising and hosting corporate golfing days. For more information, please give us a call on 01277 224891.

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