Why are golf days good for business

Why are golf days good for business

Running a business is a busy and stressful job. One of the biggest complaints of business owners is that they simply don’t get enough time to chase new clients and build new and potentially rewarding business relationships. With this in mind, why are golf days good for business?

What’s the problem with this? Lots of business deals are agreed away from the office and in a leisure environment – mostly on the golf course.

Why are golf days good for business Warley Park Golf Club Society DaysIf you continue to neglect your biggest customers, how can you guarantee they will keep on using your services in the future? Similarly, if you are not willing to invest any quality time into making new and profitable acquaintances, how can you expect your business to expand?

Businesses organise golfing society days for a number of reasons but predominantly they are designed to build relationships. This can be with old customers, new customers, potential customers or even staff.

Regardless of the target audience, however, corporate activity days need to be professionally managed. As a business you will be investing money into strengthening your reputation and credibility so it’s essential you can rely on the hospitality managers of your chosen venue to organise a golfing day to remember.

Golfing days for business networking

Networking is always more successful when it takes place away from the boardroom in an environment which enables participants to relax.

A golfing society day will provide you with an opportunity to get to know your current customers better and forge new partnerships which could lead to new business now or later down the line.

Put a face to the voice

Why are golf days good for business Warley Park Society Golf DaysIf you’re a business owner who only has time to speak over the phone then a golf society day will allow people to get to know the face behind the business.

People trust a face more than a voice so it’s important you dedicate time to bonding with your associates. A golf society day is a great way of compacting weeks of networking into one day so it’s perfect for time-restricted entrepreneurs.

However, as your reputation is on the line, you need to be satisfied that every stage of your day is meticulously planned. Golfing society days are not just about the golf, guests will be looking forward to your hospitality and food/refreshments.

If you’re tackling 18 holes, then it’s likely to be an early start so factor in breakfast/brunch and of course the all-important lunch. Ensure there are plenty of drinks and that your corporate message is delivered throughout the day so that your guests remember you.

Golf days for team-building

Investing in a golf society day for your employees can be as productive as hosting one for your customers. Staff are the cogs which drive your business and ensuring they feel happy, motivated and valued is key to future productivity.

Golf society days can be a great team-building exercise. Although golf itself is an individual sport, bringing employees together will help them develop stronger alliances, hone their communication skills, strengthen inter-departmental relationships, all of which will improve their working environment and instil greater loyalty for their employer.

I hope this article has demonstrated the value of holding a golf society day and what it could mean for your business. Businesses spend vast sums of money on advertising to strangers with little in return. May be it’s time to invest some of this money on those who are already spending on you. They might spend even more.

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