Christmas engagement? 7 things you should do next

Warley Park Golf Club wedding venue Brentwood Essex Christmas engagement? 7 things you should do nextChristmas is a magical time to get engaged. Candles, twinkling Christmas trees and cosy nights in front of a log fire offer the perfect romantic setting for a festive proposal. So if you were one of the couples who had a Christmas engagement? 7 things you should do next are…

Although there’s no specific research on the subject, December is widely regarded as the most popular month to get engaged. And there’s no doubt that as we’ve headed into January, that many newly betrothed couples will starting their wedding preparations.

Getting engaged is an exciting time but once the initial surprise has worn off, it’s time to start thinking where and when you’re going to get married.

The following tips will help you prioritise your next moves:

1. Set a budget

Before you even start thinking about possible wedding venues, establish how much money you can afford to spend on a wedding. If you have little in reserve, this will influence your decision on when you hold your wedding as you might need a couple of years to save. Regardless of whether you have lots of money to spend on your wedding or very little, it’s important to establish a ceiling value so that you both agree a figure that you will not breach.

2. Decide when you would like to get married

Although it is tempting to organise a wedding the same year as an engagement, in reality it can be very stressful and is not for the faint-hearted. If you get engaged at Christmas and decide on a summer wedding six months later, you might have to compromise on venue choices, dates and even wedding dresses. Popular dates are booked three years in advance. This applies to suppliers as well as venues so you will need to be fairly flexible or else wait another year. Most wedding dress manufacturers require at least six months to make a dress, and if you don’t have this time, then you’ll be restricted to buying something off the shelve.

3. Choose your venue

Warley Park Golf Club wedding venue Brentwood Essex Christmas engagement? 7 things you should do nextOnce you’ve decided on a year and a month to get married, you can begin the task of visiting possible venues for inspiration. Some hotels and wedding venues are beginning to offer discounted packages for ‘whirlwind’ weddings which are organised in less than six months. The package might specify a weekday or a winter month but if you can be open-minded and flexible, then you could save money. If on the other hand you are planning a wedding in two to three years’ ahead, then you can afford to be picky about the date. To give you an idea, here is our Wedding Price List.

4. Choose your ceremony venue

If you are getting married in church, make sure your reception venue dates correspond with the availability in the church. There’s usually at least one or two dates that are correspond but again this depends on how close you are to your wedding. If you have having a civil ceremony, ensure you book a registrar before handing over a deposit for a reception venue.

5. Decide on an overall theme for your wedding

If you have a couple of years before the wedding, you can afford to take your time over the theme and style. However, if you’re getting married within six months, you need to be decisive. Wedding magazines offer lots of inspiration and fortunately for those who have a limited budget, ‘rustic’ and ‘shabby chic’ are hugely popular at the moment. With this kind of theme, anything goes and there’s lots of room for handmade, DIY touches.

6. Choose your guest list

It would be sensible to draw up a rough guest list before looking at venues but in all honesty people usually set their heart on a venue first – and work around any complications. This is all very well if your venue can accommodate hundreds of guests but if you’re holding your reception in an unusual place like a boat, this decision on numbers might just have to come first.

7. Choose your wedding party

Couples make decisions on who they would like as their bridesmaids and best man early on in their wedding discussions. It is helpful if you alert the lucky people to the task you’ve assigned them as soon as possible. Many people book holidays years in advance and if you’re planning a summer wedding, it’s vital you give people adequate notice.

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Warley Park Golf Club wedding venue Brentwood Essex