Does my membership entitle me to any discounts at other golf clubs in the UK? 

Does my membership entitle me to any discounts at other golf clubs in the UK?  Warley Park Golf ClubMore and more people are discovering a passion for golf and are looking to step up their occasional play to a full blown membership.

There are a variety of in-house benefits available for our golfers but perhaps one of the biggest is the open access our membership provides to other golf courses across the UK.

Warley Park Golf Club is an independently-owned golf club and places a high importance on its members’ experience and the quality of the services they are provided with.

Warley Park members can play free of charge golf in UKIn an effort to bring additional benefits to its membership, Warley Park joined the Golf Club Network to enable club members to play free midweek golf at any other Golf Club Network Club in the country.

Our links with this scheme also mean that club members can secure reduced guest rate fees payable at weekends.

The Golf Club Network was formed in 1995 by a group of independently-owned golf clubs to provide reciprocal playing rights to every member.

Many large corporate multi-club organisations already provide this facility by allowing members to use all of the clubs owned by the business.

The Golf Club Network allows privately-owned golf clubs to extend the same benefits to their own members, many of whom live locally, without having to acquire new golf clubs.

It also allows them to maintain the personal attention and bespoke management that helps independently-owned golf clubs achieve such high customer service standards.

What does the Golf Club Network deliver for Warley Park members?

There are now more than 30 other golf clubs within the Golf Club Network which means Warley Park members can play for free at any of these sites – and the list is growing all the time.

So whether you are planning a holiday later in the year to another part of England or are considering a mid-week golfing break, you can now schedule in your game in advance without having to pay a penny.

Warley Park’s membership of the scheme means that golf members are automatically enrolled and can immediately begin enjoying the benefits of the courses that have signed up.

They will be issued with a separate Golf Club Network card and will be simply asked to provide a passport photo at the time of joining.

Members can book a tee time for open play golf by contacting the club concerned. A list of all participating clubs within the network is available at

Part of the enjoyment of golf is trying out new courses which test your skills in new ways. With Warley Park, you can do this at any time of the year free of charge.

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