What food should I serve for my evening reception finger food buffet

What food should I serve for my evening reception finger food buffet Warley Park Golf Club wedding venue

There are many challenges to organising a wedding but perhaps the biggest is creating an event that is meaningful while also affordable.

Most couples realise pretty quickly that their dream wedding requires tailoring to ensure that marital life doesn’t begin in the red.

The good news is, with careful planning and compromise, you can create a day that has all of the luxury and style that you envisage.

One of the biggest costs of a wedding is the food bill, which can be astronomical if you get carried away.

A bespoke, high-quality produce menu featuring expensive ingredients will always cost more than a run of the mill Sunday dinner.

The good news is many wedding venues now offer varied options depending on your budget – all you have to do is come up with the numbers. By opting for a venue which provides all of the catering in-house, you can make significant savings which can be spent elsewhere in your budget.

Warley Park Golf Club wedding venue Brentwood EssexWarley Park, for instance, provides all-inclusive wedding packages which include an evening buffet as part of the cost. This saves the headache of adding up individual buffet items in the way that some hotels organise evening catering.

The inclusive buffet is also considerably more affordable. Some wedding venues charge up to £15 per head for an evening finger food buffet whereas Warley Park offers it within the overall catering/reception package.

So what should you choose for your finger food buffet?


The finger food buffet will be down to individual tastes. Most wedding venues will already offer a sample menu to give you a helping hand but you can still make your own suggestions.

The important point about a finger buffet is that you are serving your wedding guests – not just yourselves. Find out how many vegetarian guests you have and remember that not everyone likes spicy food or fish so offer a choice!

It’s common to have some inspiration from world cuisine for your buffet perhaps Tandoori chicken fillets or duck spring rolls. However, variety is the key and some of the old favourites – mini pizzas, sandwiches and sausage rolls – still go down the best.

A buffet centrepiece such as a crown of turkey or a dressed salmon can also enhance the appeal of the buffet table overall and add a touch of luxury.

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A popular question wedding caterers hear when working with couples is whether they should offer a dessert with their evening finger buffet. There are no hard and fast rules but a popular choice is to offer an individual dessert such as cupcakes or a brownie tower, which is very popular here at Warley Park.

I hope you found this article useful. Just because you’re having an evening buffet, it doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate your wedding theme into your night-time food. Buffet tables can be decorated according to your styling or you can choose a new food theme altogether by focusing on a specific cuisine.

The biggest advantage of the evening reception finger buffet is that it is informal. Nobody needs to stop dancing, drinking or chatting immediately to be served dinner – they can choose when to join the buffet queue.

If you would like to know more of our finger food options, then please click here.

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