Four reasons why an intimate wedding could be for you

our reasons why an intimate wedding could be for you wedding venues in Essex Warley Park Golf ClubJust because you’re looking for an intimate wedding it doesn’t mean you should have to accept anything less than grandiose surroundings.

Some of the most memorable weddings are those which have taken place in a majestic setting with only a small gathering of close friends and relatives to share the occasion.

In fact, more and more couples are choosing to keep it simple. Weddings can soon spiral out of control if you let them, overshadowing the real reason behind the celebration.

An intimate wedding can help to ensure the marriage remains the focus of the day and not the party – as well as keeping stress levels to a manageable level.

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There are many reasons why people opt for an intimate wedding. Some couples feel it is more romantic to have only their closest friends and family attend their nuptials.

Others have a tight budget and want to trim the costs of the wedding by inviting only a small number of guests. And there are some couples who find the idea of exchanging their vows in front of a huge crowd of people very daunting and would feel much more comfortable with just a handful of special friends.

An intimate wedding doesn’t have to mean a ‘runaway’ wedding and many wedding venues now offer packages to accommodate smaller ceremonies and receptions. Once you decide the scale of your wedding, you can get started on your list of suitable venues.

Here are four reasons why an intimate wedding could be perfect for you:

1. Budget

A smaller wedding (with less than 50 guests) will usually cost less than one of 100 plus day-time attendees. Couples who want nothing but the best in quality find a smaller wedding more affordable. Many venues offer all-inclusive wedding packages for small, medium-sized and large weddings which offer everything from post-ceremony drinks, canapes, sit-down meal, evening finger buffet and even the reception disco. This helps couples to budget and relax in the knowledge that there are no hidden extras. Warley Park offers intimate wedding packages catering for up to 40 day-time guests and 70 evening guests.

2. Shorten planning time

Smaller weddings with fewer guests are easier to plan and are unlikely to require the same level of preparation as larger gatherings. If you’re planning a smaller wedding, you might be able to benefit from ‘whirlwind’ packages offered by some venues for those who choose to get married relatively quickly. Some locations even advertise last minute dates for such couples.

3. Keep it informal

If you’re the kind of couple which hates formal occasions, then a small wedding can help to ensure your own celebrations are a relaxed affair. There are generally less expectations of a smaller wedding and couples are free to set their own agenda whether this is a hot buffet instead of a sit-down meal or a themed wedding breakfast.

4. Keep it personal

Smaller weddings give couples the opportunity to make their wedding unique and

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personal. Have you always wanted to make your own invitations or wedding favours or perhaps you would love to create your own flower arrangements? With fewer guests, there’s no reason why you can’t do this.

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