What are the benefits of custom-fitted golf clubs

Warley Park Golf Club - pro shopGolfing skills are highly personalised and every individual differs considerably in both their ability and their style of play. Custom fitting is merely the means in which a golf club is tailored according to a golfer’s personal swing.

Regardless of the level you play at and whether or not you’ve had much experience on the course, customised golf clubs are designed to improve your swing and ensure you can hit a straight shot – ultimately improving your game.

How will my golf clubs be customised?


During a fitting session, a golfing specialist will take various measurements such as wrist to floor, height and hand size to provide an indication of the most suitable sized golf club for your game and the angle it should be to the floor.

You’ll then be asked to use a club to hit some balls to determine where the heel or toe of the club is striking the ground. This helps highlight whether a flatter club is more beneficial for your style or play or more upright.


Technological advances have enabled the industry to perform more specialised tests with launch monitors to measure ball speed, launch angle and side spin to increase the distance you can achieve with every shot.


Custom fitted golf clubs Warley Park Pro ShopStandardised golf clubs are developed in a way to cover a broad range of golfing styles. Custom fitting on the other hand appreciates the highly-personalised nature of the golf swing.

BUT bespoke golf clubs won’t cure a bad swing! They will just maximise the opportunity for an improved swing – tuition will solve the problem of poor play.


Warley Park’s Pro Shop offers a fast and efficient means of customising golf clubs using cutting edge technology by Mizuno. Its revolutionary Shaft Optimiser offers a speedy and accurate system to determine a golfer’s unique ‘Swing DNA’ to identify the best shaft, shaft flex, iron model and set make-up to enable you to play better.

Up to 80% of golfers are believed to be playing with an incorrect shaft. Mizuno’s Shaft Optimiser measures five key points to ensure that yours is tailored to your individual swing. These comprise: head speed, tempo, toe-down, kick angle and release factor.

If you’re a regular golfer and keen to maximise the potential of your swing then customised golf clubs are worth considering. Our Pro Shop staff will be pleased to provide more information on the process of customisation and how this can enhance your technique.