Five reasons to hold your Christmas party away from the town centre

It might seem premature to be thinking about Christmas parties in the middle of summer but if you work in a fairly large department, it’s a wise move.

The best Christmas party venues get booked up prior to or early autumn and if you want to make sure your chosen location can accommodate your needs then it’s best to get in early.

There are lots of things to think about when selecting the perfect venue for your festive party. We’ve put together some of the best reasons for going out of town for your event.

One of the biggest concerns for office managers when organising the annual Christmas party is whether their staff will behave. The risks of a town centre venue is that employees might be encouraged to drink before the event, leaving them worse for wear by the time it comes to the office meal. Holding a Christmas party in an isolated setting will allow you to specify start and finishing times and limit the opportunity of drinking to excess.

Warley Park golf club christmas party venueOne of the goals of a Christmas party is to encourage your team to let their hair down and bond. Relationships are strengthened during social gatherings and this can improve productivity in the long-term. One disadvantage of a town centre venue is the fact that your guests will have other options if the event doesn’t turn out to be as exciting as they thought and this could mean people leave early. This is more difficult if you’re out of town and nightclubs are a taxi ride away.

Your reputation in business is important, both in the office and away from it. Business owners simply can’t afford for their staff to destroy their well-earned image by drunken or foolish behaviour. The more private the Christmas party venue, the less likely your customers are going to see the drunken exploits of your front of house staff. Some venues will allow you to use their facilities exclusively, at a price, for added privacy.

Hiring out the whole of a room or venue will give you control over the theme of the evening and the entertainment. If you’ve always fancied an Abba tribute band or the sounds of a swing band, you’ll have the freedom to personalise your event.

Hotels and golf clubs are the setting for almost weekly weddings and celebration parties and are used to catering for large groups of people. This means the service will be quicker and the quality of the food better. Their waiting staff will be used to catering for large crowds week in and week out and will know exactly how to keep the event running smoothly.

Getting a taxi home is one of the biggest problems of a town centre Christmas party as you’ll be fighting with hundreds of other festive revellers. By holding your party at and out of town venue, your staff will have fixed times in which to book their carriages to the event and home again.

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