Women and golf – what are the benefits?

Golf may not be the most physical of sports, but there are numerous health and wellbeing benefits for those who decide to start playing.

And whilst golf is a sport rooted in history and tradition, don’t think for a second that it’s still an all-male game. More and more women are taking up golf, whether at an amateur and professional level and as such, are reaping the many rewards the pursuit offers.

For example, if you were to carry your golf bag around a nine hole golf course, you are likely to burn, on average, over 700 calories. Even if you opted for a caddie, you could expect to burn more than 600 calories. Simply walking an 18 hole golf course a few times a week would keep you fit and healthy.

There are plenty of other health benefits for women who take up golf, which include:

Reduced stress

Golf may not be a high impact sport, but like all exercise, it will release powerful endorphins. Endorphins are natural mood-enhancers, which trigger a positive feeling in the brain. Combine this with the pleasure of being outdoors and walking around a beautiful golf course and it’s hardly surprising that golf can help you relax.

women golfers lady golfers warley park golf clubA more active lifestyle

As a rule, women tend to take up golf later than men. The main reason for this is the demands placed on them as a wife and mother. But once the children have grown up and moved out, many women finally have the time to take up a new pursuit. It is not unusual for women in their 60s to start playing golf.

Walking also helps women maintain a healthy weight; a typical golf course is anything between three and five miles.

A stronger skeleton

Any weight-bearing exercise is good for bone health. By carrying your own clubs, golf can help create strong bones, which can then combat bone diseases.

Increased blood circulation

Golf requires brainpower – it is as much a mental game as it is physical. The need to use your brain stimulates blood circulation to the brain, which in turn, can help to improve nerve cell connections and combat the onset of dementia.

Better sleep

Regular exercise in the day usually leads to better, deeper sleep at night, which comes with numerous health benefits.

A stronger bladder

Taking up golf and regularly walking 9, 18 or 27 holes is a great way to train your bladder!

Other benefits

Taking up golf can lead to more than just better physical health – it is a very sociable game that quickly bonds individuals into groups. By its nature, it allows people to meet people in a way that many other activities won’t allow. After all, it’s not the done thing to start chatting to a stranger in the middle of a cinema but no-one would be offended if you asked to join them for a round of golf!

As well as having the opportunity to play a round of golf with other people, many golf clubs put on regular events for its members. Many women join a golf club as much to make new friends as to learn a new sport. And whether they are in their early 20s or late 60s, they’re likely to find the social life they crave on the fairway and clubhouse.

Are you looking to get into golf?

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