Express Golf Plus at Warley Park – all the game in half the time!

Golf is a hugely popular sport. Yet it does require time and commitment. Four people playing 18 holes of golf will take an average of 4.5 hours. Great fun if you have plenty of free time but what about if you don’t?

Let’s face it –  a lot of us lead busy lives. Work, family commitments… it can lead to many people having to virtually give up golf. How often have you wished that you had a morning, afternoon or full day to play a round, knowing full well that it’s not going to happen?

Welcome to Express Golf Plus!

Warley Park Golf Club express golf plus quick game of golf

Well, with Express Golf Plus, you can enjoy a full 18 hole round of golf in just two hours and 9 holes in less than 60 minutes! Express Golf Plus can fit easily around the busiest of schedules. You’re going to love it because you get to play more than ever before. Your partner is going to love it because a round will no longer take up most of your Saturday or Sunday. In fact, you could easily play 9 holes after work and still be back home in time to help with the children’s bedtime routine!

Run by England Golf, Express Golf is consistent with the traditional golf format, and compatible with the handicap system and Rules of Golf, so don’t start thinking that this is some derivative of ‘Crazy Golf’. Express Golf has been devised to offer everything you love about the game but in a shorter amount of time.

Ultra fast… Express Golf Plus

And Warley Park Golf Club is taking it one step further. We are not just offering 9 normal holes of Express Golf Plus, but also the option to play an even quicker version! The cups are larger and the holes are shorter, to ensure that your game is faster. Express Golf Plus can actually be played in under 60 minutes (in which case you will get £5 back).

So no matter how hectic your work and family life may be, there is always time for golf! And it’s certainly a lot more fun than just going to the range.

Don’t believe us? We have a fantastic video of Kevin, the Director of Golf at Warley Park Golf Course, taking up the Golf Express Plus Challenge – why not watch this short video below.

For more information and pricing about Express Golf Plus at Warley Park Golf Club, click here.

And for more information about Golf Express, head to the England Golf website.