Free corporate golf at Warley Park Golf Club!

Golf and business have long gone hand in hand. To those who don’t play, this fact confuses them. Why would wandering about outside, hitting a ball with a stick, be good for business?

But for those of us who understand the game, it makes perfect sense.

As a form of corporate entertainment, golf is head and shoulders over its rivals. Its biggest virtue is that anyone can play.

Think about it for a moment. Tennis can be fun but the last thing you need is for the 65 year old business owner you’re trying to schmooze to have a heart attack halfway through the second set.

However, when it comes to golf, it doesn’t matter how fit or how old you are. Golf’s handicap system means  that people can play together no matter what their experience or ability.

Another virtue of golf is that only a small proportion of your day will be spent actually hitting a ball. The rest is spent with your fellow players, so there is plenty of time to talk business.

And what about getting a better insight into your colleagues, suppliers and customers? Golf is a thinking man’s game – it can be difficult and frustrating at times. Who loses their temper and who keeps calm under pressure? Who gives up and who thinks strategically about how to solve the problem?

corporate offer at warley park golf clubPlus, golf is a great way to gauge a person’s moral compass. It is fairly easy to cheat at golf but as every player knows, dishonesty is completely unacceptable on the golf course. If you are found out, word quickly spreads. Again, knowing how your business acquaintances handle themselves in this situation will give you a key insight into how they may conduct themselves in a corporate setting.

Golf mixes well with business for a variety of other reasons too:

  • Connecting with others – meet new people, make lasting connections, build trust and loyalty
  • Learning something new – golf involves skill, tactics, techniques and focus – all great for your personal and professional development
  • Retains clients and staff
  • Boosts goodwill
  • Rewards staff and customers

Free corporate golf at Warley Park!

In 2017, Warley Park Golf Club is delighted to be launching a free corporate golf incentive!

All you have to do is top up a pre-paid food and drink payment card with the £960 that it would usually cost to purchase a corporate membership and not only you will receive all of the usual benefits, listed below, but you will also receive a pre-loaded card with £960 worth of credit to spend during the year on food and drink in our clubhouse – or you could choose to use it to pay for tickets to one of our great party nights in December for the staff Christmas party!

  • 8 rounds of golf per month (two tee times)*
  • a Club loyalty card (20% discount on food and drink)
  • reduced buggy rates
  • free golf at 38 golf courses as part of a national network
  • ***£960 back in food and drink***

This is usually valued at £80 per month including VAT when paying by direct debit.

You get a full twelve months to spend your £960 on food and drink before it expires – or as mentioned above, you could always use it towards the cost of your staff christmas party (and drinks!)

All the above means you are effectively getting totally free corporate golf throughout 2017!

Become a corporate member today

Call Warley Park Golf Club on 01277 200 441 or visit our membership page to find out more about the various options available.

*excludes Saturdays and Sundays

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