Easter Sunday Lunch at Warley Park Golf Club

Come and join in the fun this Easter!

That’s right – we’re already nearing the time when that little bunny sneaks around the gardens (or if it’s chucking it down, behind the tables and in the airing cupboard!) with his big basket of Easter eggs.

But where did the legend of the Easter Bunny ‘spring’ from?

Apparently, the ‘Easter Hare’ originated among German Lutherans, with the first mention of the tradition of an Easter Hare bringing children Easter eggs in 1692. It is hardly surprising that rabbits and hares are associated with Easter – like eggs, they are symbols of fertility. And in early spring, birds lay eggs and rabbits and hares give birth to large litters.

So what about Easter eggs?

There are a few reasons why eggs are such a massive part of Easter. One is a very practical reason. During Lent, people were forbidden from eating eggs. Therefore, once Easter arrived, there was usually a large stockpile of eggs that would be in danger of spoiling. They either had to eaten quickly, hard boiled so that they wouldn’t be wasted or used in a different manner.

This led to eggs being decorated in all different manners. They were dyed using onion peelings, beetroot juice or oak bark and patterned using leaves or wax. 

There is also the symbolism of the egg, although to be perfectly honest, it is a bit depressing! The majority of us now simply think of them as brightly painted eggs, or confectionary to be enjoyed. But whilst they are a symbol of fertility and rebirth, the egg’s relationship with Easter is somewhat darker. In Christianity, the cracking open of an Easter egg symbolises the empty tomb of Jesus at his resurrection. Plus, one ancient custom was to paint Easter eggs red, which symbolised the blood of Christ that was shed during the crucifixion.

Personally, we prefer to eat them without thinking too deeply on the matter!

Easter Sunday Lunch at Warley Park

Easter is one of those times when families tend to get together. Yet not all of us want to be slaving over a hot stove for hours. So instead, why not book a table at Warley Park Golf Club, enjoy a delicious three course Sunday lunch? And then, whilst you enjoy dessert in peace and quiet, the Easter Bunny will take your children on an Easter egg hunt to find their pudding!

Our Easter Sunday Lunch will be taking place at 12:30pm on Sunday 16th April 2017. You will savour a pre-ordered starter and roast dinner with all the trimmings, followed by a visit from the Easter Bunny and an Easter egg hunt at 2pm while you enjoy one of our sumptuous homemade desserts.

Our three course meal costs £16 per person or for children under 12, £8.95 for a main course and a free Cadbury’s chocolate Easter egg.

£10 deposit, maximum of two children per adult.

To book, please call Warley Park Golf Club on 01277 224 891.

Easter at Warley Park Golf Club easter egg hunt

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