All Creatures Great and Warley

Here at Warley Park, we count ourselves as being very lucky to work in such a stunning location. Everywhere we look there is the Essex countryside – an enviable view that a lot of people who work the usual ‘nine-to-five’ don’t have.

But with all this ‘man and nature side by side’ there comes quite a few rather quirky issues!

Here are just a few of the situations the Warley Park team have dealt with recently:


We had a duck nest in a flowerbed on the first floor of Warley Park Golf Club. Don’t worry – the family was perfectly safe but it was in a rather silly location to say the least! In order to leave the nest the fledglings had to jump down a 10ft drop, which then left them stuck at the bottom of a set of four steps that led to the putting green and ultimately, Warley Park’s lake!

We duly rescued them, despite the best attempts of a rather aggressive mother duck who was clearly not happy about human intervention!


A family of robins nested in the workshop we use to repair golf clubs. They were very cute to begin with but as they got older, their cuteness was overshadowed by the annoyance of their indoor flight training! Plus, when the chicks fledged, one of them took a wrong turn and flew into the Warley Park office. That day we ended up with a baby robin hiding behind the filing cabinets and refusing to come out!

After 24 hours, we finally managed to coax it out of the office, whereby it was thoroughly reprimanded by its mother! Thankfully, all ended well and it wasn’t long before the low flying robins had moved on to pastures new.

Wildlife at Warley park Golf Club Brentwood EssexFrogs

We regularly have frogs stuck at the bottom of our office steps that need rescuing! It’s now become part of our routine – arrive at work, help a few frogs to the lake, start work…!

Lake birds

Slightly different but just by being here we inadvertently help lake birds, who are aided by our groundskeepers ensuring the grass is short around the lakes. This means that predators are unable to sneak up on them.

It’s safe to say that running a business in the countryside is quite an adventure… and one the team at Warley Park Golf Club are so happy to be part of! We just have to make sure we look where we step…

All Creatures Great and Warley!!

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