August’s rain means great things for golfers!

We realise that this may not be popular thinking amongst most people at the moment – particularly those trying to keep children amused indoors or currently soaked to the skin under canvas, but the recent rain we’ve experienced is great news for our golf courses.

After the driest winter in two decades and an unseasonably dry April, our country’s golf courses were in dire need of some moisture. This is because golf courses – and in particular tees and greens – are designed and constructed to drain water quickly. Without a certain amount of rain, these areas are left with virtually no water and quickly dry out.

During the drier summer months, our skilled greenkeepers try their hardest to irrigate Warley Park’s golf course but there are only so many hours that they can do this without it having a major impact on our players! Lack of rain can mean that grass doesn’t grow as deeply as it’s meant to, which has a negative effect on the rough.

A dry course can also make it difficult to gauge the transition between fairway and green. Plus, a dry course means a hard course, which can make certain parts of the fairway even faster than the greens.

August, as a rule, tends to see a golf course that can only be described as patchy and ‘baked’. Whereas this year, our members are already commenting that Warley Park looks as good as it usually does at the start of June. In addition, aside from Wednesday 9th August’s near constant rain, we have experienced mainly sunshine and showers, which has meant that for 95% of the time, our golfers have been able to play as usual. It really is the best of both worlds.

And although we would never admit to having carried out our earlier threats to do a rain dance, we are delighted that our golfers will be able to enjoy a better course for longer this year…

… rain, you’ve done your job – you can stop now!

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