Fore! Smash! SORRY!

We’ve all been there, one dodgy swing trying too hard to reach a green that only Rory could realistically hit, and SLICE.

Your ball heads 90 degrees right and you look up to see it heading for the nearest pond / ditch / tree / deep rough. A bad hole but you’ll get over it right?!

Well what if instead of the rough your ball goes flying into the Golf Club car park or worse still the local road that runs alongside the 10th? Hopefully you are lucky and no cars or people get struck by your ball, but if you aren’t?, well then you might need deep pockets as you could be left open to someone claiming against you.

Luckily this is something that wont spoil your day if you play at Warley Park Golf Club due to the fact that all members and visitors are covered by a third party insurance policy which will pick up the bill should the worst happen.

There is no additional charge for this and if you are a member it will also pick up your bar tab should you drain a hole-in-one during a club competition making a good day a great one!


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